Quick ninja room updates!

November 30, 2008

Title says it all…I got into the secret ninja room and took pictures of the catalog and room…no secrets in the catalog lol.. isnt it secret enough already?




November 29, 2008

well guess what…we all know it was coming! hahaha yeah its the ninjas! well while I was gone they made a game called cardjitsu in the dojo. Well the dojo was updated and sensei came and dug out the courtyard! heres a picture of what the dojo looks like inside with the cardjitsu mats and more!


so the cardjitsu game works as follows…win as many matches as you can and you get a belt…then do that again and again to keep moving in the ranks then win against sensei as a blackbelt to become a NINJA!!! 🙂

here are ranks white – black (going up)


I’m only a red belt so far 🙂 so I cant get into the secret ninja room just yet! but!! I know of the location of it its the stone door in this picture and inside is a catalog of ninja items such as ninja dojo(for igloo) and ninja suit(for penguins)


Well….I guess you can say were back

November 29, 2008

Yes lol, for all of you that are wondering me and PC are back lol….well today we were hanging out with two comps and were REALLY bored so we figured hey why not, this isnt a permanent thing pretty much just for today maybe every once and a while but some is better then none right? and we dont have our membership so don’t ask why in pictures we may take were not in member clothing okay?




The eggs password!!!

April 7, 2007

Well, if u think i looked at cp98’s pics ur wrong or even his site!!

the password to the eggs location(last post) is egg hunt is easy.

hope u use this


Protected: The eggs!!

April 7, 2007

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Theres ben a truce

April 1, 2007

Us and CP95 have a truce now. We will stop fightin in comments now! As u can see i put the site on our blogroll!!!!and he has to put his site on his blogroll(It was apart of our deal).


Its Not A Glitch!!!!!!!!!!!

March 31, 2007

Today i went on CP to see if the dojo thing was a Glitch and i guess its not!!!!!!!Im soooo happy now!!!!!!!!!I hope all of u enjoy it while it lasts!!!!!!!This is a great party plus we have another thing to look foward to..The easter egg hunt!!!!!It will be held the 6th and end the 9th.

                     Hope this helps!!